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Becoming a motorsport photographer

Wilco Verhaegh is an international and professional motorsport photographer from the Netherlands. His interest in photography started at a age of 16, although it has always been a big passion. When he bought his first DSLR back in 2008, he immediately knew he wanted to be a professional motorsports photographer! Wilco Verhaegh went to the circuit several times to improve his photographic skills. Soon after that he started to work for the Dutch website The first time I went to the circuit as a press photographer I realised ‘This is what I want’! After a few months I came in contact with the Belgium website, which I still work for. On this website I’ll post some of my best work. I’ll also try to post reguarly a blog with my thoughts about motorsport and photography. I’ll be focusing mostly on motorsport images, but I’ll also post a wide range of several kind of images I took off track. I’ve some fantastic things coming up the next few months, so keep following me!

Every single moment of my life is devoted achieving my ultimate goal and dream, of professinally photographing Formula One, DTM, WTCC, WRC, GP2 and lots of other wordclass motorsport series! Motorsport comprises a massive part of my heart.  Being a motorsport photographer is the closest way to get as near as possible to the cars and atmosphere. Photography is not only the challenge of taking pictures of high speed racing cars. It’s also the passion and creativity to distinguish yourself from other photographers. For me, photography is also finding new techniques, going that extra bit further then others and learning new things every time. I thrive on the task of capturing the atmosphere, the inspiration, the emotion and the fans of which I am one. I couldn’t imagine anything more perfect then being a professional motorsport photographer!

Besides motorsports photography I also focus on other things like landscape, architecture, portraits et cetera. In the last couple of years I already had some big clients where I was asked to work for, like ‘Royal Dutch Gazelle‘, ‘Shell‘ (for covering the Shell Eco Marathon 2013) and AP Images! If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

[blockquote] Ansel Adams – A GOOD PHOTOGRAPH IS KNOWING WHERE TO STAND [/blockquote]

Wilco Verhaegh

Motorsport Photographer